Your first line in Cyber Crime Legal Defense is coming soon. Cyber crimes are an emerging, complex area of the law. Technology is changing the way the people operate on a day-to-day basis, and the Courts are no different. As technology changes, so does the law. Computer crimes are being prosecuted in a manner never seen before. Computers tell a story. Generally with the right story teller, computers will say almost anything. Computer forensics is being used like never before to discover evidence that may or may not purport to be what it depicts. Often times it is not about what the data shows, but how the data got to a certain location within a computer, and what caused it to be there. What is often overlooked in cyber crimes cases, are the little things, ie: viruses, spyware, download software, all the different possibilities that may explain certain characteristics and file properties. Again, a forensic expert can tell a story in multiple ways. It just depends who is asking the questions. is a Nationwide firm that is here to protect your rights. For any inquiries, please email